Welcome to Tread Lightly! New Zealand's web site.

Here you should find enough information to help you understand the responsibilities that go hand in hand with participating in any outdoor recreation event. In the rare event you are unable to find what you're looking for here, do visit our parent body's web site at http://www.treadlightly.org

Based in Ogden, Utah, Tread Lightly! is a non-profit organization that is an ethical and educational force among outdoor enthusiasts and the industries that serve them. Tread Lightly! annually carries out programmes designed to instill a proactive, low-impact message among enthusiasts, manufacturers, advertising agencies, the media and children of all ages.

Whatever your chosen sport, Tread Lightly! can provide the necessary support and information to help you mitigate your impacts on our fragile environment.

This is not to say that Tread Lightly! wants you to stop enjoying your chosen sport - on the contrary - however there are ways through concious choice that we can reduce or even elimiate our impacts so that the great outdoors remains available for future generations to continue to enjoy.